Wilderness Cleckner Cuff Sling

The Wilderness Cleckner Cuff Sling is a precision rifle sling that is equally suitable on the battlefield, at the range, or on your next hunting trip. The sling combines the speed of a standard quick-release sling with the stability of a cuff-style sling.

The sling is available in Black, Coyote Brown, and Foliage Green. The base model does not include sling swivels but you may add them in the product options below.

100% made in America by Wilderness Tactical Products.

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The Wilderness Cleckner Cuff Sling was developed by Ryan Cleckner, a former U.S. Army Ranger (1/75 Ranger Battalion) and author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook. Upon return from operations in Afghanistan, Cleckner noted the lack of a sling which offered both the shooting platform stability of a classic cuff-style sling with the advanced materials and conveniences of a modern sling. Cleckner had envisioned a sling which would act as a standard quick-release sling that also had a feature that allowed a shooter to quickly use the sling as a cuff-style sling. He reached out to the Wilderness for our help and developed the first Cleckner Cuff Sling in 2003.

Cleckner teaches sling-supported shooting positions and believes that a sling is an important tool/part of any rifle system. In his approach, a “hasty” sling is the fastest and first method that should be considered/used by a shooter. Using a “hasty” sling involves placing the shooter’s support arm as far through the sling as possible and wrapping the arm once around the sling. This method provides some extra stability and is very fast to use. The Wilderness Basic Carry Sling, the Wilderness Langlois Sling, and this sling are all appropriate for this use.

If the shooter has a need for more stability and the shooter has more time to prepare, a cuff-style sling is recommended. Unfortunately, most cuff-style slings require a great amount of effort and time to use or they require wearing a cuff all the time and attaching a sling as needed. This is why you usually see these slings only in shooting competitions – they are extremely stable, but (until now) they are awkward and difficult to use. Cleckner’s sling design allows a shooter to quickly insert their support arm into an easily-opened cuff and then put the rifle into position to automatically tighten the cuff. Shooters that have used this position know that sometimes the rear of the rifle can be pulled too tight into the shooter’s body in some circumstances – to remedy this, the sling’s quick-release is located in a such a way that the rear of the sling may be quickly detached.

The Wilderness Cleckner Cuff Sling offers all of the stability of a cuff-style sling with speed, strength, and modern materials. This licensed nylon adaptation uses our legendary 1¼” custom-made sling webbing and extra-heavy-duty Delrin buckles. This sling is particularly desireable for hunting and tactical rifles. Its ability to give the shooter much greater stability when shooting from various field positions also makes it valuable on precision and designated marksman-type rifles.

The sling is ambidextrous and works for right- or left-handed shooters when attached to the bottom of the firearm, but also functions from the shooter’s dominant side if attached to the shooter’s-side of their gun. When used to carry the rifle, it may be used on either shoulder with either muzzle up or muzzle down positions. Requires two 1¼”-wide sling swivels (*Not included in base-price, but available as an option) for attachment.

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Wilderness Cleckner Cuff Sling
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Black, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green

Sling Swivels

None, 2 Push-button QD Swivels (+$34), 2 Standard Sling Swivels (+$8)


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